Sheldon Singleton – Founder, Investment Advisor Representative, and Prosperity Economics Advisor

“A coin has three sides, heads, tails, and the edge. Intelligent people stay on the edge and look at both sides.” – Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad

Sheldon isn’t the “average” financial services professional. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and was an engineer in the Military / Aerospace industry for twenty-two years. He is client and education focused, not transaction focused. He believes when you help educate a client, they make better decisions, they appreciate you more, and you become a valued resource in their life.

Sheldon founded Robotic Financial Concepts after being part of a large financial services and Registered Advisory Firm for twelve years (December 2000 to March 2013) where he was a Life Insurance and Annuities Agent, Registered Representative (Series 6, 63), Branch Office Supervisor (Series 26) and an Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65).

After helping clients with “conventional” financial advice and going through two major market downturns, getting calls from his clients and feeling their frustration, he went into research mode and started looking for different solutions that could help his clients. Because of his engineering background of problem solving and researching, he developed a mindset to look at all different financial philosophy’s from every angle.

He realized early in his engineer career, being stuck in one frame of mind didn’t help you come up with the best solution to solve a problem. He bought hundreds of books and took multiple educational courses throughout his research journey. He realized that financial and health advice had one thing in common, “Conflicting Information.” There is so much conflicting information from so many experts, that you don’t know who and what to believe.

He remembered a quote by Tony Robbins that burned in his mind, “Success Leaves Clues.”

Since wealth is unconventional, he soon found “unconventional” financial concepts that went against his “conventional” training. Since it challenged him and went against what he was taught, he remembered a quote that said “There are two ways to handle new information: ignore it as false or dig deeper to increase your level of understanding to accommodate the new ideas.”

Sheldon dug in deeper and found these “unconventional concepts” have been around for decades and are the fundamentals for building financial success and wealth. He also found that the “conventional” advice did help people get started on the path to financial success but didn’t help take them further down the path because it required different thinking and application of the “unconventional” fundamentals in their life.

What he found out and also experienced in his own life and the lives of his client’s, there is a time and place for everything. There’s a time when concepts work and when they don’t. He remembered to be successful in anything, you have to understand the rules of how they work for you, when they work and when they don’t work.

Through his research he has become a Prosperity Economics Advisor with Partners4Properity the organization that teaches these “unconventional” concepts and has a mission to educate people about these fundamentals.

Sheldon’s advice to people is to do their own due diligence just like he has and to see if these fundamentals make sense for themselves.



Jack Scharff

Jackson Scharff is a former electronic engineer who enjoyed his profession for decades. In 2004 he became a registered representative obtaining his Series 6, 63 and 26 securities licenses. Later he obtained his Series 65 license. Working many years in financial services he became uncomfortable with the gyrations in the stock market and the negative effect these swings had on his clients’ portfolios. After ten years in the securities business, Jackson abandoned his securities licenses and began the migration to investments and savings that could not be adversely affected by negative market swings coupled with high investment fees that had to be paid whether their investments made or lost money.

Now Jackson will not put his clients’ hard-earned money at risk in the casino we call the stock market. He enjoys teaching his clients and prospects how to save without any concern for the behavior of the market. No more 401k’s becoming 201k’s on his watch.

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