supplemental health insurance

Accident and Sickness

Helps You Be Prepared for the Unexpected 

One of the constants of life is unexpected events occur. Accidents and sickness fall under this category and they can happen at any time. When they do, you can get blindsided by out-of-pocket expenses, such as emergency room fees, ambulance charges, and doctor bills.

Accident Insurance plans can help offset these unexpected medical expenses. 

Critical Illness

Helps You Be Financially Prepared for that Serious Illness

A serious illness can financial devastate an individual or family. It can wipe out many years of savings you worked hard for or put you into deep debt that can set you back for may years. Would you have the money if you or a family member had a stroke, heart attack, or other critical illness? If you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, 

Critical Illness insurance complements your major medical medical insurance by providing a lump sum benefit to you.


Helps Protect Your Oral Health

Unexpected dental expenses can be very costly. Great oral health is an important part for living a healthy lifestyle. Most health insurance plans don't cover dental expenses. It's important to have routine visits to hep diagnose oral health problems early so dental treatment is simple and inexpensive.

Dental Insurance can help protect your health and budget,


Helps Save You Money and Improve Long Term Health and Wellness

Health is the greatest asset that we all have. Most people take their health for granted until something happens. Having a great quality of life is important to enjoying life.

We market programs to support wellness such as help finding Wellness Specialists, Health Advocates, Prescriptions Savings Programs and more.