Prosperity Economics Alternative

Have you heard of the 7 Principles of Prosperity™?

In this video, Prosperity Economics Advisor Kim Butler reveals each of the seven principles and contrasts them to “typical” financial planning and advice.Using the 7 principles of Prosperity™, you can build wealth faster and more safely, while being able to USE your money when wanted or needed. Discover how “Prosperity Economics” lets you put control back in your corner, while allowing you to make your money work harder.

Kim Butler is the CEO and Founder of Partners for Prosperity, LLC and Co-Founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement. During her 20 plus years as a financial advisor, what she observed is listed below.


The Prosperity Economics Alternative


If typical financial planning doesn't work, what does?

When I became aware that there were some big problems with typical financial advice and strategies, I started observing what wealthy people did. I looked for the positive patterns, and noticed what habits, beliefs, strategies and philosophies the truly prosperous had in common. And I noticed that those on their way to financial freedom did things differently.

Prosperous people weren't following "conventional wisdom" or the plan that Wall Street had for them. Oftentimes, the successful business owners and entrepreneurs I met were NOT:

  • Investing in the stock market;

  • Maxing out their 401(k)s;

  • Pre-paying their mortgages;

  • Saving in savings accounts paying 1% interest;

  • Working traditional jobs until "retirement age";

  • Deferring their income taxes until retirement, or

  • Putting their income and their future in someone else's control.

Wealthy people don't follow "typical" financial plans. They don't max out their 401(k)s, cross their fingers and wait. And they don't put their dollars and trust under the control of the big financial corporations and the government.

Many wealthy people practice what I have come to call "Prosperity Economics."

Prosperity Economics seeks to protect principle as it grows, rather than chase unreliable returns. (And some strategies produce VERY strong returns as well.)

Its strategies and products do not rely on guesses and assumptions, the political climate, the mood of the market, or government policy.
Prosperity Economics recognizes that "planning" is of limited use, because when does life ever go as planned?

Prosperity Economics puts YOU back in control of your money, using tried-and-true strategies that do not rely on luck, speculation, constant time-consuming analysis, or a bull market.

Prosperity Economics uses proven, time-tested strategies and products. At Partners for Prosperity, LLC, we recommend alternative financial products and solutions to our clients that allow them to get results while protecting themselves from an unstable stock market and banking system.

We have alternative strategies for cash, income, and growth that we have used for over a decade with our clients. These strategies do not rely on speculation and in many cases, are completely immune to market cycles and crashes!

Prosperity Economics is an alternative to typical financial planning and advice, and it works.

I use special software (from all the time to confirm that the NUMBERS work - and they do - but Prosperity Economics is about much more than math. It's a different way of doing things.

Prosperity Economics starts with wherever you are right now. Whether you feel like you're "behind" on your finances or have experienced great prosperity, it deals with money you have now.

Rather than trying to predict the future, the focus is on OPTIMIZING your dollars, making them more efficient, and putting what you have to the best use possible!

Prosperity Economics thinking is about more than money. We believe that Prosperity is a way of thinking and a way of life, and it goes beyond dollars. Prosperity also includes health, happiness, and the fulfillment that comes when we live our purpose, dwell in gratitude, and do the right thing.

Prosperity Economics encourages people to remain active and productive, contributing their gifts for as long as possible. Rather than retire at some arbitrary age, we advocate that seniors continue to work, start businesses, or volunteer around their passions.

Prosperity Economics encompasses products (things that you buy) as well as strategies (things that you do). It's a flexible system that cannot be boiled down to a single product or strategy.

Prosperity Economics is a philosophy and a set of principles that inform your financial choices and put YOU back in control of your thinking... AND your money.

Download your copy of the summary of the 7 Principles of Prosperity! by clicking on the link.