Have you ever wondered why is that we live in the richest country in the world and approximately 5% of the population is truly wealthy?

If you have ever pondered that question, ask yourself this, "Where did I learn about the rules of money and who taught me?" Another question to ask yourself is, "Were these people truly financially prosperous?"

If you are like most people, you learned the rules from your parents, grandparents, friends, schools, universities, teachers, religious leaders, magazines, websites, tv, and radio. The people closest to you had good intentions and the rules they learned were appropriate at one point in time and today they aren't as effective anymore.

When it comes to money, most people look to the financial media and institutions for answers. You would think after all these years with all of the information available, more people should be wealthy today. As a matter of fact, more people are losing their wealth today. People forget that the financial media has a profit motive. They have advertisers they have to answer to (the financial institutions) and the information may not be an appropriate fit when it comes to building true wealth.

For the majority of people, they have not been taught the right rules that the truly prosperous use to build wealth. The majority of people follow common advice. Since wealth is uncommon, the advice to follow to build wealth is uncommon too. Formal education won't teach you how to become prosperous when it comes to money. It teaches you how to get a job.

Today I'm going to share with you what people have not been taught to become financially prosperous because they fail in one of these or multiple areas of focus.

1. Earning Enough Money

If you don't earn enough cash flow, you will never have money. Most people have been taught that earned income, trading time for dollars, earning a paycheck is the best way to make it. The problem is most people don't have enough time in the day to earn enough cash flow to get ahead and it's the highest taxed income. The wealthy don't work for money. When it comes to building wealth, they leverage K.E.I.M. to create it. It stands for other people's (K)nowledge, (E)fforts, (I)dea's, and (M)oney thereby making money without physically having to be present. What are you doing to earn money without you having to be physically present?

2. Keeping It

People have been conditioned to spend money, not to keep it. They burn right through it. You hear story after story about athletes, movie stars, people who win lotteries or inherited wealth, lose it all after a few years. Their ego got in the way and they wanted to live in the limelight or got taken advantage of.

To keep your money, it starts in your mind first. You must condition your mind for wealth, surround yourself with the right people and look for uncommon knowledge when it comes to protecting it. There's an old saying, "When a man with experience meets a man with money, the man with the money gets the experience." When it comes to protecting your money, what are you learning so you won't lose the money and get the experience?

3. Using It Effectively During Their Lifetime

This is the one that has the most misinformation.The masses have been conditioned to save (park) their money in financial institutions. What do these institutions do with the parked money? They put the money in motion.The masses put up all of the money, take all of the risk and the institutions charges fee's and make money whether we make money or not. If any money is made, the fee's eat up a good portion of it.

Imagine this, if I came to you with a business proposition and said, "I have a great idea and this is what you need to do to take part in it. You put up all the money, you take all the risk and I will charge you a fee whether you make money or not." Would you do it? Of course not!

The challenge is, this is what we have been taught to do. That's why the financial institutions own big buildings, sponsor games, run ad's on tv, radio, or in magazines. These ads tell us that they will handle building our wealth for us and for us not to worry. After being through two market corrections over the last sixteen years, take a look at your statements and see how much wealth they have built for you. What you don't truly see is how much the fees have impacted your overall wealth over the years.

If you study prosperous people, they do the opposite. They stay in control of their money and they keep it in motion. If they park their money, it's only temporary awaiting an opportunity to put it back into motion. They also consider how taxes and fees impact their investment because they know that both of them are two of the greatest threats to wealth. What are you learning to have your money work effectively for yourself instead of the institutions?

If you want to learn about ways to put your money in motion instead of parking it in the financial institutions, feel free to reach out to me at