There's a problem in the financial services industry, very few people are willing to talk about it and if they do, they are highly criticized.

Think about this for a moment: Since wealth is unconventional, why do most people follow conventional advice when it comes to achieving it?

With all of the financial information that’s available to us today, why are people still struggling financially? Doesn’t it make you think something isn’t right and there’s a problem somewhere?

If that thought has ever crossed your mind, you’re not far off base! Consider this statement from the book “Wealth Secrets of the Affluent” by Christopher Jarvis and David Mandell.

“Most financial information available in newspapers, or magazines, on television or within websites is inappropriate and often detrimental to successful financial planning for the affluent.”

What this means is, if you have already achieved a high level of wealth or if you want to achieve it, following the “typical” or “common sense” financial advice you hear from the typical financial services professional or you hear or see in the financial media isn’t going to work for you.

There’s an old saying, “The devils in the details.”

There are “Half Truths – details left out” to wealth building that are being taught to the masses that get them on the path of wealth and prosperity, but doesn’t take them to the end of the path.

To get to the end of the path, you must follow “unconventional principles” or “Whole Truths” that the wealthy have been using for years.

At Robotic Financial Concepts, we show clients how to build wealth outside of the stock market and show them the “Whole Truth – include all details” when it comes to making decisions about building and protecting their wealth and prosperity.

We also help companies and individuals with their health insurance services and benefit plans.

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